Buying or Selling a Home Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Have you ever worked with a real estate agent who seemed more interested in their personal schedule and their next deal than in helping you buy or sell your home?  I have.  I didn’t like it very much.

That’s one of the reasons I am a real estate agent.  Buying or selling a home is supposed to be an exciting time – a pleasure!  

My job is making sure that’s the kind of experience you have when we work together, and I love my job!



My Approach

I like people.  I can’t get through a trip to the grocery store without stopping and talking to the people I see.  Everywhere I go I see someone I know.

And my personality carries over into how I work with my clients.  I spend time with you, I listen to you, I talk to you and I answer you when you call me. 

Making sure you have a great buying or selling experience is my singular focus, because by the time we finish our first conversation, we’re friends.




I Build Relationships

People are my passion.  I enjoy meeting people and introducing them to my friends and colleagues.

Similarly, one of the great things that happens in this business is that so many relationships are established in the buying and selling of homes – lifelong relationships with new neighbors and new friends.

Being a real estate agent is much more than contracts and negotiations – it’s a relationship business that affects people’s lives.  And when it’s good, it’s truly great.



I Will Be There For You

Regardless of where your moving from, I want to help you find your next home, and I want it to be an exciting time, as free from stress as we can make it!

And if you’re selling your home, I want to help you get the best price and the perfect timing for your closing – with the fewest possible challenges.

Most importantly, I’ll be there when you call me.  And if I do happen to be tied up, you will already know how to find my assistant so he can help you until I can reach you.

Buying or selling a home can be a pleasure.  Having an attentive, knowledgeable agent is the first step in making sure it will be.

Now, Explain This Mayor Reference

So if you read the paragraph to the left, you saw where I mentioned my assistant.  

And you may have figured out already what’s next:

Yes, my assistant is my husband, and he is the mayor – the mayor of Schertz, Texas.

He also serves as the chairman of an organization made up of 11 cities in the area.

So in addition to being the guy you call if I am unavailable, he’ll also help us with information about what’s going on all around us – with businesses, the job market, residential development, commercial development, safety, traffic and a host of other things a mayor should know.

We’ll put him to work for us – he likes people, too!